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I just came across a website with more than 9.000 parenting videos. We all know articles are great but videos present you the information more easily and you can listen to a video while doing something else.

Kidsinthehouse.com have all kinds of subjects regarding parenthood: Discipline, baby care manuals, doctors, psychologists, Childhood Development Specialists and many more. It covers the years from pregnancy to teenage years.

Of course in order to gain access to the more exciting content you need to unlock the premium account. Video is a big thing but producing new videos with valuable content is the new next step. Just like the articles videos are the next way to communicate a big amount of information.

Our goal is to help parents and caregivers become better at parenting by inspiring, educating and entertaining. The 8,000 videos on our website feature interviews with the top experts in parenting, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators and best-selling authors, as well as leaders of national organizations. Our videos also feature parents who have dealt with particular issues and can share their hard-earned wisdom.

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