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As a company we have innovated for many years in the field of sampling. Sampling has been our major business and we have numerous brands participating in all of our programs.

The practice of product sampling, i.e. giving away your existing product – or more commonly a new product – to consumers, has long been a mainstay of the fast moving consumer goods marketer’s toolkit. [… http://goo.gl/ypComR ]

However, with the plethora of new channels for reaching consumers, is ‘traditional’ product sampling really enough?

Is ‘Social Sampling’ the thing everyone should be doing as a part of a big marketing plan? Using Facebook to distribute product samples, especially in the form of a digital printable coupon, provides them with multifaceted benefits.

Pinterest also offers marketers the opportunity to drive consumer traffic to bespoke landing pages that could include digital printable coupons. The platform needs to be suitable for each target audience, but if it is, Pinterest could be a great choice.

Tesco is a good example of a company that turned to using Twitter to support their brand marketing, e.g. Tesco’s #findtheegg at Easter time or #pullacracker at Christmas. On both occasions Tesco successfully encouraged consumer engagement, in the form of game-playing and social advocacy, by using product samples (in the form of digital printable coupons) as customer rewards.

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