Getting paid for life? If this isn’t a great prize then what else could be one?

In Spain, Nescafé have been running what must be one of the longest and most successful FMCG promotional campaigns in Europe. The campaign first started in 1985 and has been running for 30 years. Each year, Nescafé has worked with their agencies to develop and evolve the promotional campaign headlined, ‘Win a salary for life’. [ … http://goo.gl/P7ObXd ]

Consumers are encouraged to buy Nescafé products for the chance to win a monthly salary of €2000 for the rest of their working life. They collect on-pack promotional codes which they use to enter the prize draw. The more codes they enter, the greater their chances of winning. Having a highly attractive prize, and being easy to enter, are not the only reasons that the promotion has been such an enduring success.

The original campaign was mainly promoted on TV and on-pack, and its objectives were to boost sales and repurchase of Nescafé products by encouraging consumers to keep buying. Today, the objectives remain the same – but Nescafé have found that expanding their communications mix to newer platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email –has proved effective at encouraging trial and repurchase amongst a younger audience.

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