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I was surfing around the web and I came across a really interesting tip-article -as I love naming them. It’s written by Drew Hendricks. The main idea presented in the article is that people no longer wait for coupons to randomly be found in their hands like it used to be. Instead, they are trying to find new ways to have more coupons on mobile apps and other digital media.

Few of the ways that are mentioned in the articles are:

– Using e-mail as a channel to communicate with the customer as well a way to provide the initial coupon with a code.

– Make the coupon visually appealing! Yes even if the customers do not realize it, they like good designed thing and the same applies for coupons.

– Deliver localized offers by using geo-targeting.

– Texting is still cool! “To ensure text campaigns are as effective as possible, create a feeling of exclusivity. Let customers know that by receiving these messages, they are privy to discounts not offered to those who aren’t a part of the text list.” Drew Hendricks notes.