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 in Direct Marketing News, wrote this great article in which he shares a great piece of information: “Mobile searches reach to heavenly heights on the Lord’s Day.” Yes indeed as a user I can confirm that on Sundays I might be outside for a walk or just chilling outside on the balcony and I am more into browsing information and photos with my smartphone instead of the big screen.

ADI Senior Analyst Joe Martin mentions: “We thought perhaps Friday might be mobile’s big day, but, for marketers, it’s Mobile Search Sundays and Desktop Search Mondays.” Later on there is another great statistic presented which refers more to social media “Facebook found that posts with links and images are opened with greater frequency, so the number of posts with links increased 68%,”. If someone is on Facebook and manages more than one page can definitely say how true this is.

“The craft of marketing on Facebook is becoming decidedly more refined. An August algorithm change by Facebook was responded to almost immediately by the marketing community.”

“Mobile searches subsided on Monday,when desktop text ads’ share of clicks rose 9%”

It comes down to the companies to think of the above conclusions, especially when it comes to create communication strategies and plans which will talk to people on a specific day on a mobile device.