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This is the great debate that has always been. Before talking about bigger and bigger numbers, make sure that each piece of information worths the counting! We have always talked about quantity versus quality and that’s exactly what  talks about in her very interesting article in Direct Marketing News.

“Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to building a successful subscriber base.” 

Sergio Balegno, CEO of demand generation solution provider Ascend2 asks directly if someone wants more or better. since this is an objective an organization will need to set in the first place.

“List growth is important from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.” What is clear for sure is that since someone has more e-mail on their list, they have access to more people since they can send more e-mails. “On the qualitative side, collecting subscriber information during the acquisition process allows marketers to create buyer profiles and segment subscribers to provide more relevant content, Balegno says.”

But what always comes to my mind is that if the brand appreciates the fact that I give them my attention, my time and most important my data. The answer comes later on when Balegno states that “Consumers understand the value of exchanging personal data for exclusive content”.

I have always have a debate on the matter that everyone needs a teaser whatever that might be in order to feel special: “People don’t want to give away their email address or their personal information anymore unless there’s a greater return on value for it.”