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Initial article found on Adage: “Kimberly-Clark Gets Serious With Its Digital-Coupon Tracking”

“Kimberly-Clark Co. is looking to end the data blindness that comes from selling most of its products through retailers. The company is building its own deal database and CRM programs through Revtrax, a promotion-analytics firm.”

Digital coupons are already there and it all comes down to make it more targeted for both brands and consumers.  I come across with many articles all over the Web and I feel that what is really important is to give the right coupon with the right offer from the right brand to the right consumer. Then everyone will be happy and the consumer will come back for more and the brand will be able to give more and sell more products.

After reading the article about Kimberly-Clark’s action focusing on Digital-Coupon Tracking I realize that it seems that direct marketing becomes more direct than ever.

“The trackable-coupon programs are mostly done at the brand level, but K-C plans to try to turn Huggies customers into Cottonelle or Kleenex customers, and vice versa, in addition to getting smarter about how it distributes individual-brand coupons.”

“K-C has begun regularly tracking not only how often and where people redeem digital offers, but how widely they share them with friends and through which social channels, according to Dan Kersten, senior consumer-promotion manager for Kimberly-Clark.”

“So instead of (fully anonymized) consumer-data sharing being a one-way street from retailer to manufacturer, K-C is compiling deal data that it can share in the other direction.”

And even though social media seems to be the place to promote the deal and share it with friends and talk about it, Mr. Kersten said email remains surprisingly strong for millennial moms.

So a next step would be to create a successful email campaign which will incorporate a great deal with the favorite products of the consumer.

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